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M other Teresa, the personification of love and human service died on 5th September 1997. Inspired by the tearful adieu by millions from all over the world for the funeral of Mother Teresa , our managing trustee and persons having similar personification of love and kindness resolved to be a drop in the vast ocean of service to humanity and carry out the minimum task left by the great mother to the universe, an organization by name " Nobel Laureate Mother Teresa Charitable Trust " came into existence.

Since its formation, the Trust has been carrying out the activities of serving the poor and downtrodden in the society, the torch of service left by the Angel of Mercy.To spread the ideals of the great Mother in the universe a monthly journal namely "Mother News" have come into existance.

We're Hiring

Dear Friends,

M other News , the organ voice of MTCT, tries to tanscend the society into a positive one. It tries to spred the message of "Love & Serve" into the universe. Mother News Team wishes to add many more Artists, Writers, Philanthropists, Student folks, General Public ets into its team. It gives interne ship training to college students.

Be a proud member of Mother News Team.

Editorial Board

  • Dr. G.K. Dhas


    well qualified and highly dedicated personality is the managing Trustee of the trust board. He is the founder of the trust.

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    An academician is one of the trustees who also involved himself from the very begining in the formation of the Trust along with Dr.G.K.Dhas.

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    A high profile Philanthropist is the other Trustee who involve himself in all the activities of the trust and its execution unit the Mother Teresa forum.

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    Vestassapede et donec ut est liberos sus et eget sed eget quisqueta…

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